Corporate Kulture SS17 LookBook – TIME CAPSULE 01

TIME CAPSULE 01 Men of several decades have inhaled Fashion but only a few have been able to exhale Style.  Time Capsule is a historic cache of Style, Class and Panache intended to unveil the Man in Men. It embeds the essence for bespoke tailoring, exquisite fabrics and trims, as well as dynamic styling.  CREDITS (INSTAGRAM) BRAND: @corporatekulture CREATIVE… Continue reading Corporate Kulture SS17 LookBook – TIME CAPSULE 01

1950’s Fashion, 2017 Style.

Happy New Year guys!!! Fresh year, fresh air…time to start off on a good note. It’s never too late to start something small. It’s 2017 people, get with the program already. Fashions for men in the 50’s are often thought of in terms of the Fonz and Grease. Well, forget that. The picture below is… Continue reading 1950’s Fashion, 2017 Style.

LFDW2016 HIGHLIGHTS (Day 1-4 Looks)

Hey guys! So this should have been up way earlier than this but let’s just say better late than never. This year’s fashion week was definitely a blast and below is a breakdown on how I looked on all four days. DAY 1 So I went for an edgy casual corporate look with this unusual… Continue reading LFDW2016 HIGHLIGHTS (Day 1-4 Looks)

LFDW 2016 Highlights (Backstage Magicians)

Backstage at fashion shows would be a total mayhem if not for these magicians. I’m talking of the guys you don’t see. The Interns who steam the pieces, dress the models, shine the shoes and every other needful. The Makeup Artistes who give life to the faces of the models. Magnificent job by Maybelline this… Continue reading LFDW 2016 Highlights (Backstage Magicians)

LFDW 2016 Highlights (Top 5 shows)

Hey guys, so yes Fashion week is really over and I’m not sure if I wanted it to end or not. From the amazing street style looks to breath-taking shows to exquisite designs and ever gorgeous models, this is a fashion week that definitely deserves to be put on the international fashion calender. In this… Continue reading LFDW 2016 Highlights (Top 5 shows)